Dr.’s Linda and Joe Pouzar established Clear Lake Family Physicians in 1990.  The Pouzars, who met while attending Baylor College of Medicine, chose to establish a family practice that allowed a different kind of doctor-patient relationship.  After experiencing environments such as emergency rooms where patients were treated and released, there was never an opportunity to see the patient again.  They wanted to create a practice where patients felt safe and stress free upon every visit.  In addition, they wanted to build relationships with their patients and learn about their lives.
“We take time to see every patient as a person,” Dr. Linda explains. “We ask about what’s going on in their lives, because we are taking care of the whole individual, not just a particular condition or disease. By building a relationship, creating an atmosphere of trust, and by listening, we let patients feel more comfortable talking about a problem. We want them to feel that this is their medical home. That makes a difference, because when patients feel rushed or stressed, valuable clues to their overall health picture are lost.”
Clear Lake Family Physicians has become a fixture in the Clear Lake community and beyond. Patients come from as far away as Plano, TX and the Pouzars have traveled to Mexico, Indonesia, and other nations as a part of medical mission teams.
For the convenience of patients, Clear Lake Family Physicians offers a wide array of primary care services on-site including a LabCorp phlebotomist, outpatient testing, EKG, breathing tests, comprehensive physical exams, cryotherapy, bone densities, and other minor office surgeries.
In addition to the services already offered, Clear Lake Family Physicians has partnered with the Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems and the Bay Area Regional Medical Center to provide our patients with even more multidisciplinary care options.



Clear Lake Family Physicians Mission Statement

Clear Lake Family Physicians is committed to delivering the finest possible primary health care to patients of all ages in the surrounding community.  Clear Lake Family Physicians will provide the capacity to address acute illness or injury, as well as chronic longitudinal care as requested by patients.  Ideally, we will aspire to develop long-term physician-patient relationships and foster preventative and educational care.


Our Values

Clear Lake Family Physicians is a name that stands for integrity, compassion, and commitment. We work on the premise that the imperfect world we live in will always include illness and death. Each person within our touch, employee or patient, will be treated with respect and dignity.


Our Vision

Clear Lake Family Physicians intends to be the leader in Family Practice providers for the community of Clear Lake.